2018 Highlights

This year at a glance was pretty amazing!

2018 started with a lot of amazing things for me. We’d ended 2017 with a family trip to Dubai and India with my brother, his fiance, our parents, and her parents to shop for their big, fat, Indian wedding. From there, my husband’s doctor put him on a Keto diet for health reasons, and I decided to join him in support. There was no point in cooking 2 meals every time, and once I understood the concept, it came naturally. 2 months later, we’d each lost 25 pounds by the wedding time…which meant I had some serious rushing around to do to get my outfits tailored. I’d also gotten into weight-training. To note: ladies, don’t feel shy or intimidated at the gym. If you don’t know how to do something properly, you can look it up and/or ask someone at the gym. If staff is busy, other gym members are happy to help. Also, no one is looking at you. More likely than not, they’re looking at themselves (sure some just want to watch their own eye candy bodies, but most are watching their techniques), others are into their music or concentrating on their routines. And another note: weight-training is not just for men. Don’t let anyone tell you it’ll make you manly or too muscular. I’d like them to say that within kicking distance when you can leg press more than their body weight.

Five days into 2018, I received a job offer for a space research company that I, kid you not, tried to get into for 3 years. Persistence pays off, people. I had the privilege of speaking with and meeting a lot of inspiring people including astronauts (like the one and only Buzz Aldrin!) as well as space professionals from around the world.

Two days into 2018, I queried a YA and within a couple of weeks had 3 offers of rep. The first offer came the quickest. An agent requested the full after 3 days and offered rep a day later. I’d sent out 66 queries, received 33 full requests, 6 step asides, and 3 offers of rep. I signed with Katelyn Detweiler of Jill Grinberg Lit early Feb, just before my brother’s big, fat, Indian wedding. 

My brother’s wedding was straight out of a Bollywood romantic movie! A week long festivity. Move over Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas. He had 5 grand events during the 3-day wedding weekend, and we were partying and getting last minute things done doing 17-hour days. It was the biggest party of my life, and an event no one will forget filled to the brim with dancing (I was in cultural shock), music, choreographed dances, traditional touches big and small, and guests from around the world. I could write details, but it would take literal pages. Believe me, because I started to describe the highlights and thought nope. No one wants to read a book in blog form! And best of all, my brother married a wonderful woman and I couldn’t be happier for him and our families.

The following month, after a few minor revisions and edits, we went on sub with my YA. Meanwhile, I wrote an MG. Around this time, an editor who had a women’s fiction from the year before popped up to ask for an R&R for a book that I thought was dead. We did the R&R, but then she left editing and we decided to sub widely. 2 weeks later, we received a 2-book deal offer right before Thanksgiving. I ended up signing with Forever/Grand Central/Hachette! I adored the enthusiasm and support from the entire team! I couldn’t be happier!

A week and a half after the romance sold, my YA sold right before the holidays!

I also participated in PitchWars and mentored an author, attended many book events and festivals, and went on writing dates, meeting lots of authors and making new friends. I was able to spend a lot of time with my family in 2018, and I’m so, so grateful for that. 

In 2019, I look forward to keeping up with a healthy diet and continue weight-training, cultivating my spirituality, peace, positivity, and personal relationships. I hope to write more books and look forward to announcing new deals and keep the momentum going.

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