PitchWars Wishlist!!

Screen Shot 2019-09-06 at 3.24.08 PM.pngHey y’all! Welcome to my website! As you may have noticed, I have two pen names. One devoted to adult/WF/romance and one for YA/MG. If you’d like to follow me on Twitter, you’re welcomed to use either one, but PW/YA related tweets will be going through @SAPatelBooks.

Okay, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s talk about PW and my wishlist. After all, that’s why you’re here! I hope that you’re excited because I know I am!!!


YA, particularly with strong female leads and preferably POC characters written by POC. If you don’t have that but feel that I’m the mentor for you, then definitely still submit! My preferences are one thing, but that doesn’t mean I won’t fall in love with your book. 

I want diversity (all kinds) because the world is diverse. Just as importantly, I need a fabulous premise with gripping writing. I want to see contemporary, fantasy, sci-fi, and horror. Romance or romantic elements are always a plus. 

I may not be the right mentor for you if your ms includes: vampires, witches, demons, overt cursing, violence, graphic sex, or assault. 

Word counts should be between 60-100k depending on the genre. If it’s within 5k words, no worries. We can add/trim.

I want to fall in love with your characters, cry with them and laugh with them and feel all the feels as if they’re living, breathing people. Give me an amazing plot with voice, set the scene and build a world that I don’t want to leave.


I was a professional editor for a small fiction publisher and a space research publisher. I’m agented by the fabulous Katelyn Detweiler of Jill Grinberg Literary Management. Last year while mentoring for PW, I sold a two-book deal to Grand Central/Forever which will debut in May 2020. I also sold my YA, THE KNOCKOUT, to Flux which will debut in summer/fall 2020. The YA was the project that landed my agent, which you can read about here if you want to check out the query and my story.

Some things that I enjoy:

YA Books: Cinder; Divergent; Everything, Everything; Red Queen; The Way You Make Me Feel

TV: Stranger Things; Grey’s Anatomy; Futurama; The Haunting of Hill House; Bob’s Burgers

Movies: Anything MCU; Wonder Woman, AquaMan; Isn’t It Romantic; How to Think Like a Man (too)

Food: Tex-Mex (literally just give me a cup of queso and a plate of tacos)


I mentored last year and my mentee received an offer of rep within 24 hours of sending her ms out. She had 26 requests and 2 offers, and went on to sign with a wonderful agent. This is my second year mentoring, as well as my second year as a PW forum moderator. If you’re not on the forum, I highly suggest it!


I’m blunt. PW means a lot of hard work and multiple revisions in a very short amount of time that has to get done between your life and mine. I don’t have time to sugarcoat and pour out the feels about everything that I love. Remember, if I want to mentor you, it’s because I already love your ms. Don’t expect me to heart-emoji the crap out of your ms in the comments section. I give compliments, but the majority of comments and edits get down to business.

Once we’ve decided to work together, it’s time to put away the fluff and get down to the nitty gritty. I’m nice, don’t get me wrong, but I’ll be direct and to the point. I’m giving a lot, so I will be expecting a lot. It’s the same give and take. There will be a lot of time, hard work, brainstorming, effort, patience, consideration, and professionalism going into our team. 


PW is hard work. We can’t waste time. I’m looking for a mentee who understands this and appreciates all the work that I’m pouring into them. Life happens (my mentee last year found out she was pregnant, but man was she a hard-worker and still went above and beyond). We can work around surprises and busy times in life. I will not ask for anything that I cannot give in return. 

Communication is paramount. We are a TEAM. We both have the freedom to say no, to say hold up, to say that’s too much. Whatever revisions/edits I give are suggestions, but I need you to work with me. You will have to explain and support why you disagree with large/important changes. I’m not going to lie. We may, at times, clash. We will get stressed. This is not all rainbows and unicorns, but your ms will be stronger in the end and we will be a team seeing this through together!


The basics are: 

We’ll do large and small revisions and lots of edits are almost certain. We’ll work on your query. We’ll perfect your pitch for the agent round. You can find all the info on www.pitchwars.org


I hope to create a friendship with my mentee beyond the PW timeframe. I still keep in touch with my former mentee. We don’t have to be BFFs if it turns out that you don’t like me, ha! But I hope that you do. I’m also going to take a moment to humble-brag: I work with different teams all the time, but every time my team is awesome. This team, you and I, are no different. So let’s be awesome together! I look forward to getting to know you and seeing your submissions. Even if you decide not to submit to me, I hope that you reach out on Twitter.

No matter what, keep on writing! May your publishing adventures continue to soar!

Pitch Wars 2019 Young Adult Mentors’ Wish Lists

  1. Aiden Thomas (Accepts NA)
  2. Kelsey Rodkey and Rachel Lynn Solomon
  3. Nancy Werlin
  4. Olivia Hinebaugh
  5. Abigail Johnson
  6. Rebecca Schaeffer
  7. Rebecca Coffindaffer (Accepts NA)
  8. Laurie Dennison
  9. Sam Taylor
  10. ST Sterlings (Accepts NA)
  11. Brenda Drake and Kyle T. Cowan (Accepts NA)
  12. Carrie Allen and Sabrina Lotfi
  13. J. Elle
  14. Andrea Contos (Accepts NA)
  15. Raquel Vasquez Gilliland and Sandra Proudman (Accepts NA)
  16. Ayana Gray (Accepts NA)
  17. Susan Lee and Auriane Desombre
  18. Julia Ember (Accepts NA)
  19. SA Patel
  20. Kat Dunn (Accepts NA)
  21. Sonia Hartl and Annette Christie
  22. Jesse Q. Sutanto
  23. Ray Stoeve
  24. Aty S. Behsam and Kylie Schachte
  25. Cole Nagamatsu
  26. Rachel Griffin
  27. Adalyn Grace
  28. Adrienne Tooley and Kelly Quindlen (Accepts NA)
  29. Ciannon Smart and Deborah Falaye
  30. Kristin Lambert, Sasha Peyton Smith
  31. Kimberly Gabriel and Dawn Ius
  32. Lyndsay Ely
  33. Jamie Howard
  34. Jenna Lincoln (Accepts NA)
  35. Jen Marie Hawkins and Anna Birch (Accepts NA)
  36. Judy I. Lin
  37. Leila Siddiqui
  38. Zach Hines (Accepts NA)
  39. Hoda Agharazi
  40. Michaela Greer (Accepts NA)
  41. Liz Lawson and Jeff Bishop (Accepts NA)
  42. Lindsey Frydman (Accepts NA)
  43. Chelsea Hensley (Accepts NA)
  44. Isabel Ibañez


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